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BUSSID Cannot Open File Manager : Causes & How to Solve

BUSSID Cannot Open File Manager – As a Bussid player, of course, you often add MOD types of other vehicles or accessories. Yes, this method is done to add to the fun of playing the Bus Simulator ID game.

Meanwhile, to activate MOD on Bussid you need to access the File Manager. So, the MOD file that was previously downloaded and then extracted via the ZArchiver application will not be able to be used before you activate it.

If to activate MOD each player must open the File Manager in Bussid, then what happens when the File Manager cannot be opened? Yes, problems like this are often experienced by some Indonesian Bus Simulator players.

Therefore, through the following article, we would like to share information regarding the causes and how to solve Bussid unable to open File Manager. Alright, without the need to linger, just take a look at the full explanation below.

BUSSID Cannot Open File Manager

BUSSID Cannot Open File Manager

As we mentioned above that MODs of other types of vehicles such as the Hino Truck MOD, Ninja Motorcycle MOD and so on can only be used if you have activated them. Meanwhile, activating MOD on Bussid can be done through the File Manager.

Not only that, the installation of the Sinar Jaya Livery Bus and other types of Livery also requires access to the File Manager. That way, if Bussid can’t open the File Manager, it means you also can’t install MOD and can’t install Bussid Livery.

Then how to solve it? what are the factors that cause the File Manager on Bussid to be inaccessible?

Cause File Manager in Bussid Unreadable

Before we explain how to solve Bussid unable to open File Manager, first we want to explain the cause of the problem. So, the above problem can occur in the Bussid game due to several factors as follows:

1. There is Malware from MOD Bussid

The first cause may come from Malware or a virus carried by one of the Bussid MOD files. This can happen when you download MOD Bussid from a dangerous link where there are many viruses in it.

If this happens, then the MOD file that has been extracted does not support being activated on Bussid as well as causing access to the Bussid File Manager to be closed.

2. Bussid System is Interrupted

In addition, Bussid can’t open File Manager, it may also be caused by a system in it that is experiencing problems. That way, Bussid will experience several bugs, one of which is not being able to access the File Manager to activate the MOD or Livery Bussid.

System disturbances themselves can be caused by several things, ranging from cache files piling up, applications not being updated and so on. Therefore, in playing this game you need to pay attention to these two things.

How to Overcome Cannot Enter File Manager on Bussid

How to Overcome Cannot Enter File Manager on Bussid

After knowing what are the causes of Bussid not being able to open File Manager, now let’s go to the core of the discussion on how to solve the problem above. We have prepared this information below:

1. Delete MOD Files on Bussid

The first way is to delete the MOD file which may be the source of the virus so that the File Manager cannot be opened. Or instead of being dizzy, you should delete all the MODs installed on Bussid so that there really are no more viruses from the MOD. If you have, try opening the File Manager on Bussid, if you can, then you can extract some MOD files that have been used previously.

2. Clear Cache Files

The second way is to clear the Cache file from the Bussid application. This method is done as an effort to overcome interference or bugs in the Bussid application. Meanwhile, to delete the cache file, you can follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings menu
  • Select the Apps menu
  • Select Manage Apps
  • Find and select the Bus Simulator ID (Bussid) application
  • If so, click Clear Data -> Clear Cache
  • Done

If the Cache file has been cleaned, usually the Bug in the form of Bussid cannot open File Manager will be lost. After that, you can access the File Manager on Bussid as usual to install MOD or install Livery.

3. Update the Bus Simulator ID Application

Then for the third way is to update or update the Bus Simulator ID application. The update process can be done via the Google Play Store. In this way, the possibility of the bug not being able to open the File Manager on Bussid will be resolved.

4. Use the Installation Method via Gallery

Finally, especially for those of you who want to install Livery on Bussid, when the File Manager cannot be opened then you cannot do the process. If so, you can take advantage of the Livery install feature from the Device Gallery. In this way, you can still install Livery even though the File Manager cannot be opened.


That’s the full explanation from about the causes and how to overcome the inaccessible File Manager feature in the Bus Simulator ID game. Hopefully, with the discussion this time, there is no need to panic anymore if you encounter a similar problem in the Bussid game.