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Build Tips and Guides to Play Argus Mobile Legends

Background Story Argus

Argus and Rafaela were heavenly angels who descended to the land of dawn at the same time. One is responsible for eradicating evil, another for eradicating suffering. As Argus went through countless battles, he immediately became obsessed with the pursuit of power. Once during a battle he heard the call of an ancient being, Argus immediately lost control of his ambitions and became corrupted. He was able to break the seal of an ancient being to summon a blazing evil spirit blade. By sacrificing his own life, the sword was able to gain even greater power. Now Argus roams the world, seeking conflict and war so that he can consume more life with his sword.

• Very hard to kill when you already have Ultimate
• Not using Mana
• Suitable as Hero Cary
• Excel in Late Game

• Very weak before level 4
• Old Ultimate Cooldown
• Weak in Early Game

Quotes Argus
– “All shall perish by my sword, ahhhhh.”
– “Let my sword hear your last words!”
– “The flame is burning inside me.”
– “Find the enemies!”
– “Justice is the last refuge of the weakness.”
– “Become one with the sword.”
– “Power means Eternity”
– “Nothing is worthy without power.”
– “Immortality or Death!”


Warmonger – Passive Skill
Receiving or dealing an attack will charge the demon sword (the lower the health argus, the faster it will charge), when it is full, the next attack will be 2 attacks.

Demonic Grip – 1st Skill
Releasing a demon’s hand towards the target, dealing 175(+200% Physical Attack) physical damage to the enemy hero and moving behind the target, then can issue a fast attack, dealing 125(+60% Physical Attack) physical damage. If it doesn’t hit the enemy Hero, it will pull itself to the location.

Meteoric Sword – 2nd Skill
After charging for a while, Argus attacks the enemy with a demon sword, dealing 400 (+150% Physical Attack) physical damage and making the enemy bleed for 5 seconds. Enemies affected by the bloody effect will leave a trail that gives Argus additional movement speed while on top of the trail.

Eternal Evil – Ultimate
Turns into an evil angel and becomes immune to death for 5 seconds, while instantly charging his sword. 100% of the damage dealt during the skill will be converted to HP Argus after the skill is completed.

Emblem Set

Battle Spell

Recommendation Build

Tips Play

1. With this passive skill, Argus will be more effective as a Cary Hero by utilizing his Basic Attack instead of relying on his active skill.

2. Skill 1 can be used to capture enemies within the range of this Skill, but it is difficult to do considering the need for proper accuracy in using this Skill. On the other hand, this skill can also be used to escape.

3. Skill 2 will be very effectively used on opponents who will run away, after the opponent is hit by this skill there will be a black path that will be like their tracks. Use the black path to get Movement Speed ​​so that the opponent does not easily escape.

4. Ultimate Argus will be effective if used in a critical condition, which means use Ultimate if HP is dying. So that if normal HP runs out in a state of Ultimate HP Argus will increase if it continues to be attacked. Remember Argus’ HP will increase if only normal HP has been exhausted.

5. Ultimate Argus is good but this Skill is like a sword with two sides, which means it can provide advantages and disadvantages. If the advantage is clear that is avoiding death, while for the loss it will be bad for the opponent who already knows this Skill technique. If the opponent already knows this Skill technique, the opponent will immediately dodge as quickly as possible until the Ulti time limit runs out.

6. If the opponent runs away while using Ultimate, look at the situation if the opponent only chases after the opponent after using Skill 2. Conversely, if there are more than one opponent then the best way is to use Ultimate to escape as much as possible.

7. However, in War Ultimate Argus is very useful, why? This is because during war the enemy’s situation is more like attacking blindly without seeing the situation. If the opponent is like that, don’t be afraid to join directly into the war.