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Build a PC or Buy a Console? (Pros and Cons of Both)

Recently, there has been a buzz with the term PC assembly when the PlayStation 5. appeared. The possibility that such hashtags and terms appeared on the internet was the price of the PS5, which had made no sense as a gaming console. Before the official version of the PS5 Indonesia appeared, the price of the PS5 could be the price of a used motorbike. This is what makes many gamers say it’s better to assemble a gaming PC than buying a PS5.

Is it like that? Is it better to assemble a gaming computer than buying a console called PlayStation 5. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that hashtag, but only because the PS5 is expensive can you compare it like that? You are confused which is better between buying a PlayStation 5 or building a gaming desktop computer. On this occasion, we from Buddy Game will discuss the problems that have been busy lately. Of course, we will explain what the shortcomings are between PC gaming or the latest gaming consoles like PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

Better Build a PC or Buy a PlayStation 5 Yes?

PlayStation 5 as a gaming console that gamers have been waiting for from 2 years ago has finally appeared. However, in Indonesia itself, unfortunately, the distribution is a bit late. This has made several parties offer a solution for selling a set of PS5 consoles complete with controllers before the official launch in Indonesia. Of course the price can be doubled. The ‘black market’ version of the PS5 is sold at a price of almost Rp. 20 million. For the sultan and his children, that price is certainly not a problem, but for ordinary people who want an entertainment machine with the latest technology, of course that price is too expensive. Amazingly, at a price like that, the PS5 is still selling well in the Indonesian market.

On June 22, 2022, the PS5 was finally distributed in the Indonesian market. However, due to being hindered by the Corona virus pandemic, purchases still use the pre-order system. As a result, orders were booming because the official price was much cheaper than the black market price. The funny thing is, even though the price of the PS5 has dropped, the hashtag assembling a PC is still buzzing. What are the advantages of a gaming console like PS5 with PC gaming. Here are the advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of Assembling a Gaming PC

1. Can get maximum graphic quality

One of the advantages of assembling a gaming PC is the graphic quality that you will not get on the console (although it depends on the conversion made by the game developer). On PC gaming you can get higher detail because there are graphics settings in the options section. You can set it to the right align to get the best quality. In addition, playing games on PC can get smoother graphics because of the 60 fps refresh rate.

2. Not only can be used to play games

One of the considerations for gamers to have a gaming PC is a function other than playing games. A gaming PC can be used for work, design, and much more. The entertainment that can be enjoyed from a PC gaming is also diverse. You can watch movies, listen to music, or other things.

3. Can be customized according to what you want

In addition, what makes PC gaming interesting is the customization. This may also be done on a gaming console. However, you can customize to the maximum on a gaming PC. Starting from using a liquid cooler to RGB colors to beautify your PC.

PC Build

Advantages of Gaming Console compared to PC Build

1. Fixed and more affordable prices

Why are gaming consoles more attractive than PCs? One of them is that the price is very affordable and not as expensive as a PC. Moreover, the PS5 now comes with beautiful ray tracing technology and 4K resolution. With a price of IDR 7 million – 8 million, you can get cool graphic quality with the latest technology. As for PCs that can use ray tracing and 4K resolution, you need a VGA card which is even more expensive than the PlayStation 5 console itself.

2. No need to assemble components

Assembling a PC has its own art. However, not everyone understands and likes to assemble a PC. Many people prefer plug and play rather than having to install them one by one. The gaming console is the solution. Gamers don’t need to be tired and bothered to assemble the machine themselves. Just plug in the cable, set, play.

PC Build


For us, both have their advantages. It is very unwise to juxtapose and compare with each other. Yes, if you have the money, why not buy both? Isn’t it better to assemble a PC and have a PS5?