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BTR Tired? Join PMSC 2022 and PMPL ID 2022 Season 2!

Why did BTR Ra experience a decline in Week 3 PMPL Season 2?

Fans Bigetron RA must be wondering, what’s up with their proud team which has recently been looking down?

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) 2022 Season 2 is in progress, and Bigetron Ra is participating in it.

In the 3 weeks so far, they have shown a beautiful game in Week 1 only, then the performance has started to decline.

Of course, it is very clear that the decline in the performance of the Alien team can be seen from the fatigue of those who carry out tournaments non-stop without rest. Is it true?

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BTR Tired, Still Participating in 2 Tournaments now!

Despite the fatigue of the BTR Ra players, they can still participate in various tournaments so far.

It is clear that they are participating in one of the biggest PUBG Mobile tournaments in Indonesia, PMPL ID 2022 Season 2.

Yesterday, just a few BTR Ra players participated in PUBG Mobile Star Challenges (PMSC) 2022.

The tournament is regional, against several players from abroad, and Indonesia sends some of its athletes to play.

The PMSC 2022 tournament is a tournament involving influencer and Pro Player to play together in 1 team.

Many Influencers famous Indonesian players who attended the tournament along with several Indonesian Pro Players, such as Kimi Hime, Qorygore, Aurelie, and others.

Player of the team Bigetron RA There are 3 participating, namely Luxxy, Zuxxy and Ryzen to enter into PMSC 2022.

The following teams were formed:

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Previously, Spin Esports had interviewed one of the BTR players, namely BTR Microboy, on the reasons why performance had dropped.

He said that from Week 1 actually all the players were tired, and it was natural for performance to drop. Slowly he promised to improve his performance even more.

Looking at the three players who just finished in the PMSC 2022 match, hopefully for Week 4 later this team will be ready to rise again.

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