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BTR Ryzen Says He Will Retire Next Year After Lifting Trophy!

News has again emerged from a well-known athlete in the PUBG Mobile division, BTR Ryzen, where he has given news about retirement in the esports world.

The team he is currently occupying is the most favored PUBG Mobile Esports team so far in Indonesia, and one of the teams that has many international trophies.

The Bigetron RA team, which consists of Zuxxy, Luxxy, Ryzen, and also Microboy, has dominated almost all the matches they have played, whether in Indonesia or outside Indonesia.

One of the players that has become the center of attention for Bigetron RA fans is BTR Ryzen, who is a Rusher from the BTR RA team. It has a lot of highlights showing off an amazing clutch in tournaments.

Well, it is reported that the player who is often called Super Mangosteen will retire from the PUBG Mobile esports world next year.

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According to what he told live streaming On Nimo TV, he and 3 of his friends were chatting, and in the middle of the conversation he committed to retiring.

Next year I lift the PEC cup, my pensi. Anyway, my last drop of blood was until I lifted the trophy at PEC, ok?” Ryzen said in his Live Streaming video.

Source: Nimo TV

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He has plans to retire after lifting the PEC cup with his friends next year, because this year they did not participate in PEC 2022.

Bigetron RA has the opportunity to play at PEC 2022, but due to the current pandemic conditions, and players must first quarantine for 28 days.

Netizens are still questioning the truth of Ryzen talking like that, because it is known that he is a player who likes to spread false news and only as a joke.

What do you think? Will Bigetron RA change if the Super Mangosteen leaves his team?

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