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BTR Alice will be Bigetron Red Aliens' fifth player in PMPL

Alice has the real name Maureen Gabriella, and she is one of the youngest players number 2 in Team Bigetron Ladies, after BTR Lea, so at this time she is often called Bocil 2 in her team, serving as Rusher.

There is surprising news from the PUBG Mobile esports realm. Shortly before the PUBG Mobile Pro League rolls out, this time Bigetron will field 1 female player into its reserves, namely Maureen Gabriella or commonly called Alice. This beautiful woman will fill the Sniper Role, meaning that she is likely to alternate with Luxxy in the future. Although it is not certain that they will alternate with the main players, it all depends on Bigetron’s esports management.

What kind of excitement awaits from June 6 to June 29 next? will Bigetron be able to compete for the slot to the World League? let’s look forward to it together.