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BTR Alice Has a Girlfriend, Bigetron Fans Get a National Heartbreak Day!

Are you curious about BTR Alice who already has a new boyfriend?

Back again discussing a prima donna who is included in the category of the most beautiful player in Esports from Bigetron Red Aliens, Alice.

Alice is a player who plays for Bigetron Red Aliens, and is part of the roaster of the world champion team.

This player is seen by a lot of Bigetron fans because he is considered very beautiful and charming, making his fans love him.

Since breaking up with RRQ Kenboo in early 2022, now the prima donna of Bigetron is reportedly getting a new partner again!

Let’s see the information!

BTR Alice Reportedly Already Has a Girlfriend!

Recently, in the story and also on Alice’s BTR Instagram live on her official account, she clarified that she already has a new partner.

This gave birth to a national heartbreak day for Bigetron fans, specifically BTR Alice fans who have been hating for a long time.

Alice also in her story apologizes to her fans if she disappoints them because they are already a couple.

Source: Instagram @btr_alicee

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Fortunately, not a single fan disagreed and got angry in Alice’s BTR comment column regarding this information.

The majority of their fans provide support and support so that this pair can continue into the future.

Lasts forever, sis alice, even though I’m disappointed but I still support my sister and her new boyfriend” said one netizen in the comment column.

Until now there is still no information circulating about Alice’s new boyfriend, so the face of her new partner is not certain.

Well, what do you think? Continue to support this beautiful player, yes, we always pray that it will last forever without any problems for the future!

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