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BlueStacks Releases Fastest Version Ever With ARM Support

BlueStacks 5 Beta uses 40% less memory than BlueStacks 4. It has advanced features such as App containers, FPS lock, Long-flight, and Eco mode.

BlueStacks Inc., Pioneer Android games on PC and the world’s leading mobile gaming platform, today launched updates The biggest one – BlueStacks 5 (Beta), the best thing about speed and performance. A complete rewrite, with its internal name Robusta, built from the ground up to consume much less memory and support ARM.

Unprecedented growth of gamers

The year 2022 had a huge impact on the gaming industry and changed the way people spend their free time. According to a Newzoo report, in 2022 it is likely that we will see almost 2.8 Billion gamers worldwide. With heavier and bigger games released by game developersmore mobile gamers will play in a distraction-free environment and migrate to PC-based platforms like BlueStacks.

“Technology App Container we allow games to be optimized to run on PCs, Macs and other devices with no additional work required from developers. This is a key component missing on Android on Chromebooks and the iOS app on Mac. We see the market for BlueStacks App Player growing rapidly with Apple’s support for running iOS apps on the Mac form factor, and App Containers are a key technology for this.” says Sharad Agarwal, Chief Architect for BlueStacks 5, “ARM devices have a big advantage over x86 devices for running Android Apps because they don’t require binary translation. The support for ARM reflects the work we have done over the past three years.”

Uninterrupted play during longer gaming sessions – on average 5 hours per day

BlueStacks users generally spend an average of 5 hours playing mobile games each day. But mobile games are not designed for long playtime. The FPS Lock and Long-flight features allow for smooth continuous gameplay, making the new BlueStacks 5 (Beta) a great platform for marathon gaming sessions. With significantly faster boot, install, and launch times, core gamers can now look forward to an incredible gameplay experience for RPG, strategy, and performance-hungry games.

Furthermore, since many gamers tend to switch between Discord, browsing, and gaming, the Eco-mode feature allows them to multi-task more efficiently than ever before. With the improved Multi-instance manager and Eco mode, gamers can run more BlueStacks instances faster and with less lag. With the addition of significantly enhanced game controls, and improvements interfacegamers can enjoy a smoother gaming experience than before.

Faster – Lighter – Smoother – Ratings only gamers deserve

“BlueStack 5 is lighter and super-fast. The gameplay aspect is much smoother. Eco Mode is a legendary move. The switch to Discord is very easy now. Highly recommend gamers to switch to this version,” said Red Arcade, a professional gamer and popular YouTube streamer.

BlueStacks 5 (beta) promises a 40% reduction in RAM usage from the previous version, making it the lightest and fastest mobile gaming platform ever built. Gamers just need to try it to feel the difference.

“Our product has been downloaded more than 1 Billion times since its first launch. We listen to our more than 500 million users worldwide and give them what they want. They demand a truly immersive gameplay experience on an easy-to-use, fast-performing platform that doesn’t demand specs hardware tall one. And BlueStacks 5 gives it to millions of gamers.” said Rosen Sharma, CEO of BlueStacks Inc.

“Yoozoo has been working with BlueStacks for many years. As one of our key marketing partners, they have been instrumental in increasing our acquisition of high quality users, and we highly recommend working with them. We are very excited about the release of the new BlueStacks 5 and really believe their new version will be a great experience for gamers.” said Ken, Director of Global Marketing at Yoozoo Games, developers of the wildly popular RPG Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac.

“BlueStacks has been a solid partner with us for many years and we have heard a lot of positive feedback from our gamers about BlueStacks App Player, we are looking forward to the launch of BlueStacks 5”, said Wang Wei, CEO of DHgames, developer of popular games like Idle Heroes. .

BlueStacks 5 (beta) available here as free software to download.