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Blizzard Finally Announces Warcraft Mobile Game Show Date! Save the date

After waiting for some time, finally rumors of the presence of Warcraft Mobile have been confirmed.

Through their twitter account Blizard announced the presence of a new expansion that they will announce in the near future.

It said itself that “the next expansion is imminent”. Blizzard also displayed a roadmap of their update plan, where the expansion will arrive on June 3, 2022.

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Previously Blizzard has announced the presence of the latest World of Warcraft expansion. The latest expansion is an expansion where Warcraft will be present on the Mobile platform.

Even so, until now there is no clarity when the expansion will be present and can be played.

Blizzard itself still hasn’t explained in detail about the presence of their mobile game on this one.

There are no details on how the genre of the game will be made. Warcraft itself is a game franchise that has two main genres, namely RTS and MMORPG.