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The global gaming company, Netmarble Corp, today announced a new update for Blade&Soul Revolutionan oriental action mobile MMORPG featuring a stunning cinematic story of revenge from the online PC game adaptation Blade&Soul. This update introduces a new Scenario “Other Realms Act 2” and new Dungeons “Avalanche Den”. Various interesting events with abundant rewards have also been prepared for the players as a form of celebration of the presence of this update.

Players who can complete all quests in this new scenario can get a Special Heroic Equipment Box containing up to Radiant Heroic Equipment. In addition, a new Dungeon in the form of a cave called Avalanche Den is also available and can be played by a Party of four players. Players who clear this Dungeon can get rewards up to Legendary Martial Tome Fragment and Legendary Accessory.

Netmarble has also prepared an event to celebrate 300 days since its release Blade&Soul Revolution. Starting June 9 – June 13, players can get 300th Day Coin which can be exchanged for various rewards including Radiant Heroic Equipment Box and Heroic Pet Box. Players who check-in for 28 days can also get a Special Heroic Equipment Box and a 300th Day Thank You Box containing Heroic Restoration Stones.

Here’s the new content that comes in the June update Blade&Soul Revolution:

  • New Equipment Added “Gloves” and Accessory set effects which are now available for up to 10 sets. HP, DEF, and Defense Ignorant ATK will increase when Gloves are attached. In addition, the character’s CP will also become stronger with additional ATK that can be obtained according to the number of Accessory sets owned.

  • Legendary Skills only now can be obtained through Craft Martial Tome using Legendary Martial Tome Fragment which can be found in the new Dungeon “Avalanche Den”.

Blade&Soul Revolutionis a mobile version of the MMORPG game adapted from the popular online PC game Blade&Soul. The game retains the overall 3D graphics quality and large-scale content as its predecessor PC version and has been updated to work well on mobile devices.

In addition to offering high-quality 3D visuals, players can also enjoy large-scale Faction War content in real-time and stunning martial arts action. In addition, there is also Dungeon content full of strategies and social features that are active like a real community.

Please visit the official website ( and the official Facebook ( for more information about Blade&Soul Revolution.