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Black Lightning Spinoff Series Painkiller Canceled

For those of you who have been waiting for the positive development of the series for a long time Black Lightning spin-off PainkillerUnfortunately, I have bad news.

But before heading to the bad news, let’s flashback for a moment okay? So in 2022, the first season of the series Super hero This lightning power is officially broadcast. And when it airs, many are skeptical about the success it will get Black Lightning.

Besides there are still many lay audiences who are not familiar, Black Lightning when it appears for the first time, it is not merged with superhero universe top DC television, Arrowverse. But when it finally debuted, the series was surprisingly cool.

Realistic Raised Problem

In fact, cooler than the whole series Super hero Arrowverse. This is because the problems presented by this series are very realistic. Specifically, the problem that is being raised is that it raises / contains elements of SARA (racism) which as we know is still happening in the United States.

Other than that, it’s the same with any other Arrowverse series or most current series/movies, Black Lightning also not afraid to talk about LGBTQ things. Even though the series elements are imaginary, the overall look and feel is very realistic and relatable.

Oh yeah, not to mention the Hip-Hop element is thick and really fun. It’s a shame, maybe because the ratings are always low or because of the influence of COVID-19, Black Lightning who entered season 4 just joined shutter Arrowversehad to swallow a bitter pill.

Painkiller Cancel Created

Because season 4 is the last season for this series. even though a lot fans disappointed, but at the same time, taste excited also felt. Because this series will produce a series spin-off which will focus on the super complex and cool character from the series, Khalil Payne aka Painkiller (Jordan Calloway).

Super sad, when the sense of anticipation is super exited it’s already felt, suddenly Deadline report that it’s a draw spin-off Painkiller canceled. And so far the reason for the cancellation is more because of the broadcasting station CW, which wants to fix all of its programs in 2022 onwards.

However, if there is a saba or other “X factor”, I honestly know but, yes, it is possible. After hearing this bad news, Calloway immediately uploaded the following video.

And as you can see and hear for yourself, Calloway doesn’t feel upset or sad at all. He accepts all the decisions that exist. Not to forget, he also thanked CW and his co-stars at Black Lightning because for 4 seasons has been believed to be the iconic character.

Yes, it’s very dear. But what do you want to do? Now, what do you think about the cancellation of the Black Lightning spin-off series, Painkiller this?