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Bkent Reveals This Mobile Legends Roster is One of the Best in Indonesia!

Bkent Reveals This Mobile Legends Roster is One of the Best in Indonesia!

Bkent or Brandon Kent is one of the content creators who are active for the Mobile Legends scene. He is famous for the hero Argus.

As an old content creator, he is already very familiar with the Indonesian Mobile Legends scene.

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Best Mobile Legends Roster Bkent Version

And recently he revealed an interesting statement. He talked about the Mobile Legends roster, he said this five roster is one of the best. Which team roster do you mean?

“But it’s true, after all, EVOS Legends is one of the coolest teams ever in the Indonesian MLBB scene, really iconic,” said Bkent via his Youtube after seeing a video clip of Rekt’s interview about EVOS World.

In particular, Bkent made a statement about the EVOS roster when he won the 2022 M1 World Championship or EVOS WORLD which consisted of Wann, Oura, Rekt, Luminaire and Donkey.

Indeed, at that time they met another Indonesian team, RRQ Hoshi, who advanced together to the Grand Final. It must be admitted that this roster is mentally strong and managed to turn things around from 3-1 to 3-4.

This also makes EVOS the first team to win the Mobile Legends world championship, and until now (June 2022) is still the only Indonesian team that has this title.

The two championships that have been taking place are dominated by the Philippines, represented by BREN Esports and Blacklist International.

Back to the main topic, what do you think? Do you agree with the statement from Bkent?

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