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Bigetron Red Aliens Rampage Gets 20 Kills in 1 Match Weekdays PMGC!

Here are the provisional results of Weekdays PMGC 2022 Week 2!

PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 Season 0 has entered Week 2, where the 24 teams will meet again on Weekdays.

Opportunity for the teams that have not qualified for Super Weekend, will get another chance to try harder.

Of course, the arrival of Weekdays has made the 8 teams that did not qualify last week become hot, and the results on the first day of Weekdays are already quite good.

The Indonesian team once again gave an outstanding performance on this Weekdays, Bigetron Red Aliens who managed to top the standings, Aerowolf Limax who still have to try even harder.

Let’s take a look at the provisional results:

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Weekdays Week 2 Day 1PMGC 2022 Match Results!

In this Weekdays Week 2, it is divided into 6 round with different maps of course.

Here are the results from tonight’s match:

Weekdays Week 2 standings
Source: pubg mobile esports id

Source: pubg mobile esports id

Source: pubg mobile esports id

Round 1 -Erangel: Four Angry Men

Round 2 – Miramar: Execute Esports

Round 3 – Sanhok: RRQ Athena

Round 4 – Vikendi: Zeus Esports

Round 5 – Erangel: Futbolist

Round 6 – Miramar: Bigetron Red Aliens

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BTR RA Touch 20 Kills In 1 Match!

The first day of week 2 was closed with the Indonesian team at the top of the standings, namely the team Bigetron Red Aliens which shows maximum performance.

Team Aerowolf Limax Unfortunately, we have to show a better effort on the second day, in order to qualify for the Super Weekend round, because we are in 20th position.

To be able to enter the Super Weekend, Potato and his friends must be able to catch up to the 4 teams above them.

There are so many moments in the first match day that we can take, such as the match between the Indonesian Team in Sanhok.

In the last match, to be precise at Miramar, when Bigetron got chicken, they also got a lot of kill points.

This is what made the red alien team to be at the top of the standings, because the points they collected in the last match really skyrocketed.

The total kills they got were 20 kills, with the rusher BTR Ryzen get 12 kills alone, which means Zuxxy and friends collect a total of 8 kills.

This Super Mangosteen is extraordinary, we don’t need to be afraid anymore that the Indonesian team will be able to continue to enter the Super Weekend, Spinners!

Keep encouraging them, especially Aerowolf who is still at the bottom!

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