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Bigetron Red Aliens Comeback at Super Weekend PMGC Week 1 Day 2, Blue Bees Find Rivals!

Here are the results of the super weekend PMGC 2022 Week 1 Day 2!

PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 Season 0 started the second day, and also ended the match with a really satisfying result by the Indonesian team

After passing Super Weekend on the first day where the teams still understood how to play the other 15 teams, on this second day they have started to show their respective fangs.

The battle between the Blue Bees and Bigetron happened again, and the result was really satisfying where Bigetron could turn things around.

Also the team from Japan that seems to have found its rival in several maps,

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Let’s take a look at the provisional results:

Super Weekend Week 1 Day 2 PMGC 2022 Results!

In this Super Weekend Week 1, it is divided into 5 rounds with different maps of course.

Here are the results from tonight’s match:

Round 1 -Erangel: Nova XQF

Round 2 – Vikendi: Blue Bees

Round 3 – Miramar: RRQ Athena

Round 4 – Sanhok: Bigetron Red Aliens

Round 5 – Erangel: Bigetron Red Aliens

PMGC 2020 standings
Source: pubg mobile esports

PMGC 2020 standings
Source: pubg mobile esports

On the second day, there were many moments that we could take, seeing the teams have started to know the rotation of each team, and also how they play.

Aerowolf Limax, which previously occupied the 13th position from the first day, was able to compete with the entire team, which managed to move up to 9th position.

Aerowolf’s gameplay is pretty good with their commitment to only attacking enemies when their rotation is interrupted, and in fact they’ve managed to progress pretty well.

On this second day, we can see that Bigetron Red Aliens who managed to make a comeback by being in second place, after occupying the 5th position on the first day.

By getting 2 WWCD in the last two matches, they have almost caught up to 4AM which already has hundreds of points.

Not only the Indonesian team, the team from Japan, Blue Bees also increased their performance after less than optimal on the first day.

Seeing the game on the second day, it seems that the Blue Bees got them a rival, namely, Konina Powers and also Bigetron Red Aliens.

Konina who fought with the Blue Bees in 2 consecutive matches will be the target, and also the Bootcamp war between Bigetron and the Japanese team also seems to be awaited.

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Well, can’t wait for the third day of the match, so keep an eye on their fierce battle, and continue to support the Indonesian team, Spinners!

Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for more information, and follow the account Instagram and Youtube our.