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Bigetron Red Aliens Changes Coach Before PMPL SEA Finals!

New news emerged from one of the big PUBG Mobile Indonesia teams that entered the PMPL SEA Finals.

The Bigetron Red Aliens team reported that they changed their coach before the PMPL SEA Finals started.

As we know, the Bigetron RA Team, which is part of Bigetron Esports, is one of the proud teams of Indonesia.

Together with ION Esports, these two teams have won various PUBG Mobile tournaments.

Some tournaments are at the national level, and some have entered the international level.

Bigetron Red Aliens New Trainer

After being reported on the official Bigetron Esports account, it’s official that S1nyo will be the next coach of the aliens team.

This previous ION Esports coach has shown outstanding results in his previous team which allowed him to become a coach for BTR RA.

It can be seen from the ION Esports team that has won PINC 2022 ago, it was also possible to bring ION Esports into the PMPL ID Season 2 Grand Finals.

The entry of a new coach who has the name Steven Valerian this, became a new challenge for him because BTR had to compete in the PMPL SEA Finals tournament.

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The tournament, which has an international level, brings together all teams that have successfully passed the PMPL respectively in Southeast Asia.

Should have seen the performance of Steven’s training for ION Esports before, BTR is unlikely to lose or down in the tournament later.

Previous trainer isfantasea, had to resign to bring BTR RA to the PMPL SEA Finals, and had to be willing to be replaced by S1nyo.

Looking before, Isfantasea coach also has a big responsibility in all the results played by the Aliens Team.

Hopefully the new coach for Bigetron Red Aliens doesn’t change anything we expect from this great team to be able to make Indonesia proud.

Now it’s your turn S1nyo which should lead Bigetron to become the next PMPL SEA Finals Fall Split 2022 champion!

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