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Bigetron RA Tops Super Weekend Standings, Aerowolf Limax Still at the Bottom!

This is the latest super weekend standings after Week 3 is done!

In a match that has lasted for 3 weeks, PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 It’s been going well for the whole team.

Several teams have tried to enter the Super Weekend, although of the 24 teams that have participated, there are still teams that have not entered the Super Weekend for the past 3 weeks.

This weekend, we will welcome the last day of Super Weekend at PMGC and we will welcome the 16 teams that will enter the PMGC Grand Finals.

In this Week 3, Indonesia still remains at the top of the standings occupied by the team Bigetron Red Aliens which earned a total of 5 WWCD with very high points.

Here are the results in the Super Weeknd Week 3 standings:

Source: PUBG Mobile Esports

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Super Weekend Week 3, BTR RA Stays on Top!

With the standings as above, we can see that Bigetron RA is in a safe position as long as they can maintain their points during the last week.

4AM which previously was able to overtake BTR in Week 3, it seems that now it is a bit difficult to see Bigetron’s points, which have skyrocketed, up close to 500 points.

RRQ Athena who was in the Top 3 had to step down and be replaced by Digital Club which shows a good game.

Natus Vincere which is rumored to have increased their performance, and almost entered the Top 16 on Day 2 yesterday, also dropped 1 position at position 19.

Aerowold Limax one of the fighters from Indonesia also seems to have to try hard to get into Super Weekend Week 4 later to increase their points.

With Aerowolf’s performance as in Week 1, they should be able to catch up to the Top 16 to qualify for the Grand Finals later.

Until now, we can see Z3US Esports who entered the Super Weekend late in Week 2 managed to secure a safe position to qualify for the Grand Finals.

Look forward to the schedule for Weekdays Week 4 and continue to support the Indonesian team so they can qualify for the Grand Finals in early 2022, Spinners!

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