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Bigetron RA Names 5 Players They Are Watching About at PMGC 2022!

Players that Bigetron RA’s team will watch out for at PMGC later!

The biggest moment in PUBG Mobile Esports around the world will be recorded soon, because the big international tournament in the game division is about to start.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 there are only a few days left until the first match, and the teams are expected to be ready to face their opponents.

Of course, this is a new thing that must be faced, considering that the opponents that will be faced by the two Indonesian teams are opponents from different continents.

Of course their gameplay will not be the same as the way teams from Indonesia and Southeast Asia play. Of course it is difficult for Bigetron RA and also Aerowolf to adapt.

As for the news that the team from China, namely Nova XQF and 4AM will be a new challenge for the two Indonesian teams.

4AM MEL 2020

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The captain of the Bigetorn Red Aliens team, Zuxxy, said that there were a few players they should watch out for as well.

Previously, he said that Nova and 4AM would be the teams to watch out for, and in terms of players, of course, there are also those who have been wary of.

Some of these players are from Nova and 4AM as well, namely Paraboy, Order, Suk, and also Xinhe.

Zuxxy also added that there are players from the Navi team who are also wary of, namely old boywhich led the Navi team to become the previous PMPL EMEA champion.

When asked whether the Aerowolf team would be the team that Bigetron RA had to watch out for at PMGC, Luxxy answered no.

“Because we’ve often played with Aerowolf, so there’s nothing to worry about, the gameplay has been read” said the IGL.

In contrast, the Aerowolf Limax Team is wary of the Bigetron RA team as one of the teams they must pay attention to during PMGC later.

So, what do you guys think? Who do you think will be the champion later? Can Indonesia enter the Super Weekend all the time? Keep on supporting them!

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