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Bigetron Microboy To Retire After PMPL SEA Finals and PMGC 2022?

Bigetron Microboy To Retire After PMPL SEA Finals and PMGC 2022? There is no doubt that Bigetron Red Alien is one of the best PUBG Mobile teams both in Indonesia and in the world.

This can be seen from Bigetron RA who became the world champion at the event PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split Global Final 2022 and also PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) East 2022 yesterday.

Bigetron RA PMWL East 2020
Photo via: PUBG Mobile Esports ID

Currently Bigetron RA is facing the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) SEA Finals tournament and on the first day yesterday Bigetron RA was ranked 3rd in the standings while Aerowolf was ranked 1st temporarily and Aura Esports was at the bottom of the standings.

But for you fans of Bigetron RA, there is news that is less than pleasant coming from one of the Bigetron players, namely Microboy, who is rumored to be retiring from the competitive scene after the PMPL SEA Finals and PMGC 2022.

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Bigetron Microboy Entruv
Photo via: YouTube Entruv

This was directly expressed by Bigetron Microboy in the NGOTAK (Ngobrol Bareng Botak) content that presented Microboy. There are many interesting things from the chat and one of them is Microboy’s desire to take a break.

If Microboy later retires, he will become a streamer and also an analyst on his personal YouTube account, so he will only be a spectator.

Microboy also told Entruv that he wanted to defend their world title and would leave the decision to other Bigetron RA players in the future.

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