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Bigetron Alpha MPL ID Season 10 Roster Leaked, Full of Stars?

Bigetron Alpha MPL ID Season 10 Roster Leaked, Full of Stars?

One of the MPL ID Season 9 teams that didn’t shine too much was Bigetron Alpha, they could say their performance had decreased even though they had set foot in the Grand Final through the Upper Bracket in MPL ID Season 7.

After that season twice they had to be sent home Alter Ego and AURA FIRE. Of course in the coming season if there are no changes, the results will not be much different.

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But a surprising thing was revealed by the CEO of Bigetron, namely Starlest on his twitter. He revealed a status that is quite interesting about the BTR Alpha roster.

How is Bigetron Alpha’s roster in MPL ID Season 10?

Bigetron Alpha roster

“Wow the potential Bigetron Alpha line-up, full of surprises!” Starlest said via Twitter.

Starlest reveals the potential line-up of Bigetron Alpha is full of surprises. It could be that there will be a new roster that can be said to be a star that enters there.

Recent rumors have linked one name, namely RRQ Psychoo, which is reportedly a trial at BTR. Is this really going to happen?

Is it Possible to Psychoo Join BTR?

RRQ Hoshi Team Against MPL Season 7
source : ig onic.psychoo

Seeing his still good performance as a midlaner (last playing in this role) is certainly very possible even though we know Bigetron Alpha still has Renbo.

Psychoo is also not included in the MSC Mobile Legends 2022 roster from the RRQ Hoshi team even though he can be said to have experience as an MSC champion in 2022 with ONIC.

This further strengthened the move from Psychoo to another team. Because BTR is rumored to be the place for Psychoo’s trial, and Starlest’s shocking tweet, it’s possible that this will happen.

But don’t jump to conclusions, because the potential for this to not happen is still very large.

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