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Beware, This Assassin Hero Is Not Suitable To Be Jungler Mobile Legends

Be careful not to pick spinners, you must know that this assassin hero is not very suitable as a jungler in Mobile Legends.

Usually assassin-type heroes are identical to jungler roles in Mobile Legends because their effectiveness in killing is very large.

But the fact is that not all assassin heroes in Mobile Legends are worthy of being assassins, there are some heroes who are not very suitable to be played as junglers.

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One of them is the following assassin hero which is not recommended at all for you to play as a jungler, who is he?


Natalia mobile legends
Photo via DeviantArt

Yep, that hero is Natalia. This assassin hero is a hero that is not recommended to be played as a jungler.

There are several reasons why he is prohibited from being a jungler, such as old farming, not a war hero, easy to beat and so on.

The hallmark of the jungler hero is really not owned by Natalia at all, it’s much better for Natalia to be played as a roamer or in the side lane.

Hero assassins mobile legends
Photo via WallpaperAccess

But if you keep trying to try Natalia jungler, then we guarantee you will have trouble. Starting from farming to join war, Natalia will not be able to do anything without her passive help which is difficult to use quickly.

That’s the hero assassin in Mobile Legends that is strictly prohibited to play as a jungler.

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