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Beware! These are the Top 6 Best Sniper Heroes in Mobile Legends

Source: Duniagames

There have been so many Heroes in Mobile Legends who have received nicknames from the Players, among these many nicknames there are Heroes with the nicknames of the best Sniper. Heroes with this nickname usually have skills that can kidnap opposing heroes even though they are in the back position. Hero with this nickname is very feared by Hero Marksman and Mage. Beware of these heroes.

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One of the Hero Fighters with various great Combo Skills makes Chou one of the most feared grabbing heroes. Easy targets for Chou are Marksman and Mage. Usually this Hero always does the scavenging in the Mid Lane area with one of his colleagues.


Become the only Hero Assassin who is the most feared for the Hero Cary. With his flagship Ultimate, Saber is one of the best scooping heroes in Mobile Legends. Usually in doing this, at least 1 teammate is needed to carry out the capture.


Who doesn’t know this Hero, with its flagship Ultimate being a car. Johnson can target opponents throughout the Map to gank. When doing this, Johnson usually always carries 1 passenger. If the opponent gets hit, it can be confirmed opponent it will surely die.


The characteristic possessed by Franco is his pulling skill that can attract opponents if exposed to this skill. Every team will always be wary of Franco as an opponent. Because that’s what makes Franco nicknamed the Hero of the thief in Mobile Legends.


Since the remake of Akai, this Hero has always been the main choice in Ranked Mode. With his flagship Ultimate, Akai can pick up his opponent even though he is behind. Jumping and rolling are characteristics that always include this Hero.


And finally there is the Hero Assassin, namely Natalia. Who doesn’t know this Hero, with his skill in eliminating himself, makes this Hero very easy to pick up opponents. Natalia can easily sneak – sneak in the opponent’s area without fear of being caught though. Especially if in the Late Game, this Hero becomes the queen of the kidnappers.