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Best PUBG Mobile Control Recommendations, No Recoil!

Here are the recommendations for PUBG Mobile controls that can make you chicken!

In PUBG Mobile, your shooting skills will always be needed and tested to win the match.

Of course, this is influenced by the control settings on your device which greatly affect the way you play.

Everyone certainly has their own settings, because the position of each person’s hands and fingers is certainly different, so that it is fun to play.

Of course, the player settings that some players like to follow, may not be able to be used smoothly by other players.

The control setting that will be discussed here is the position of the button placement that is comfortable and easy to reach by every player.

Also some features that must be turned on, to make it easier for us to fight and also get WWCD.

PUBG Mobile Best Control Settings

Here we will recommend the best control settings universally for each existing device.

To be able to enter into the control settings, you must first open the settings tab. You can access it at the bottom right arrow button, then Settings.

Turn on Peek & Fire

For those of you who have not activated this feature, it is recommended to use it, because it is very useful for warfare.

Peek and Fire is a feature for you to tilt your body like a peek, and is suitable for fighting from behind walls, rocks, or trees.

Clear the Right Part of the Screen

For some right-handed people, it is customary to use the Right Thumb to control the camera.

So as much as possible you have to clear the area on the right, so as not to interfere with the movement of your camera.

Some people usually touch other buttons on the right side of the screen, which results in interrupting the character’s progress.

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Reduce the Opacity of Keys Blocking the Screen

Some buttons must be in a position that blocks your view of the screen, that’s where you have to reduce the opacity.

The more invisible buttons, the clearer you can see your screen, and spot enemies.

Decide how many fingers you want to use

Each player certainly has their own habits in playing, and PUBG Mobile includes the use of how many fingers to control.

Usually for players who use large devices such as Ipad, Tablet, and others, will use 4 fingers and above.

As for players who play on devices measuring 5-6 inches, then 2 to 4 fingers are enough.

But usually if you use 4 fingers on a small device, then sometimes if the position is not right it will feel sore, and damage the aim if you are not used to it.

If it’s still not comfortable, use a gyroscope

The gyroscope feature can make it easier for you to adjust weapon recoil, if indeed your PUBG Mobile control settings are still not good.

With this feature, you don’t need to use your finger to move the camera, you only need to move your device.

The gyroscope has its own sensitivity that you have to adjust according to your taste and how you play.

Well, those are some tips from us so you can get the best PUBG Mobile control settings

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