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Best PC Game Booster to Boost Your Game Performance

Are you not satisfied with the performance of your PC or laptop? Don’t worry, you can use a game booster to improve the performance of your PC hardware. There are several booster applications that you can use so that your game doesn’t lag anymore.

Lag when we play games is very annoying, let alone playing competitive or esport games like CS:GO, DOTA 2, and others, must be really annoying. Therefore, game booster applications can help your PC to improve its performance.

However, the booster application cannot help your game performance if the minimum requirements for the game you want to play do not match the specifications of your computer or laptop.

For those of you who are looking for the best game booster for PC, Buddy Game will provide recommendations for the best PC game booster that will improve your game performance.

1. Razer Cortex : Game Booster

Razer is one of the best-selling peripheral brands on the market today. The logo is also very well known among gamers.

This is because Razer has long been providing gamers with high-quality mice, keyboards, and other devices.

Game Booster

Not only that, Razer’s products are iconic with their black color and light-up logo. To meet the needs of gamers, Razer also issued a booster called Razer Cortex: Boost.

This application works by turning off all applications and processes running behind the game so that the work of a PC or laptop becomes lighter.

In addition, there are several interesting features offered by this application, including special access to the game, an overview of the game you are playing, FPS, and many others. Until now Razer Cortex: Boost is the most popular application.

2. Wise Game Booster

This application is perfect for Windows 10 users. Basically, this application has features similar to Razer Cortex: Boost. However, what sets it apart is its ease of use.

Game Booster

Like other booster applications, this application works by stopping applications that are not used so that the game can run more lightly.

In addition, Wise Game Booster offers manual control features that can improve your PC’s performance even better.

3. MSI After Burner

In addition to making hardware, as a brand that faithfully supports gamers, MSI makes a booster application called MSI After Burner.

What distinguishes this application from other applications is the ability to increase your hardware capabilities through overclocking.

Game Booster

Overclocking gives your hardware more performance compared to the default settings. In addition to providing overclocking features, MSI After Burner offers features for benchmarking, monitoring, fan speed customization, and also video recording. Even though After Burner is made by MSI, this application can still be used for other brands.

4. WTFast Game Booster

Another application that is able to provide PC gaming performance is WTFast. WTFast provides a different feature, namely the network optimization feature when playing online multiplayer games.

Game Booster

This feature is highly recommended for those of you who play competitive games. This application guarantees low lag game play because the data repackaging process is routed through the PGN lane or Gamers Private Network so that your gaming network cannot be disturbed by other application data.

5. AMD OverDrive

Are you an AMD CPU and GPU user? Now the application is perfect for your PC or laptop. This application was developed by the AMD team themselves.

Game Booster 5

This application offers a feature of overclocking the processor and RAM memory which will increase the ability significantly. In addition, AMD OverDrive is also equipped with internal fan control for more cooling performance.

6. NVIDIA GeForce Experience

You can install this NVIDIA-designed application together with the NVIDIA VGA driver download on the official website.

Game Booster

This application is actually not a game booster like the applications you mentioned earlier, but you can adjust your graphics card through this application. You can choose whether the graphics in your game are balanced or the best.


Basically the game booster doesn’t really give your PC performance significantly. Especially if the PC you are using does not meet the minimum requirements.

The applications above only add a little performance or lighten the load on your PC so you are not burdened with other applications.