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Best Free FF Diamond Earning APK, Let's Try it!

The FF Diamond Earning APK is now starting to be sought after by Free Fire players. The reason is, there are currently many Free Fire diamond-producing applications on the Internet. Well, from this application, FF players can get diamonds for free. So we don’t need to spend money to buy FF diamonds.

Diamonds themselves in the Free Fire game are very important. Because diamond itself is like money which is a tool to buy various items such as bundles and skins. However, some people or players are still having problems with money to buy the diamond.

However, don’t worry anymore, because on this occasion Dafunda Game will share with you the best Diamond FF-producing Android application. Curious what the application is? Come on, let’s look at the following review.

4 Best Free FF Diamond Earning APKs


tiktok 1
Tiktok | Pinterest

The first app we recommend is TikTok. Yes, that’s right, the short video maker application can give us free FF diamonds. However, how do you do it? Currently there is an event on TikTok, if we manage to invite people, be they friends or relatives, we can get 100 thousand for one person we invite.

Well, later after we collect a lot, then the money we collect can be withdrawn to our Fund or bank account. After that, we can buy the FF diamond. So from that way we can get FF diamonds without spending any money.

whaff rewards

Whaaff Rewards
Whff Rewards | APK Results

The second Free FF Diamond Earning APK is Whaff Rewards. From the start, this application is already famous for getting game items. Well, this application also functions to be able to get Daimond FF for free. You can install it directly via the Google Play Store.

In the application, there are many missions that you can complete. Well, from this mission you will get rewards or prizes in the form of money that can be redeemed to Paypal. From Paypal, you can make a number of these rewards, and use the credit to buy FF diamonds.

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FF Diamond Earning Apk
Cashpop | Pinterest

The third in the FF Diamond Earning APK this time is the Cashpop application. Just like Whaff Rewards, in this application there are also several missions to complete. From these missions, you will get points. If you have accumulated a lot of points, you can exchange them for FF diamonds.

Not only FF diamonds, you can also exchange them for many things such as credit, data packages, etc. You only need to install the application first in the Play Store. Then, complete the existing missions, ranging from daily missions, special missions, and other missions. Collect as many points as possible and then exchange them for FF diamonds.


Diamond Ff Apk Apk
Bacaplus | Pinterest

Finally, the Diamond FF Earning APK that we recommend is an application called Bacaplus. This application is a news reading application, where you can get points from there. There are various missions that are easy to complete, and you will get a lot of points.

You can exchange these points for various prizes, ranging from credit, cash, or even Diamond FF. So, download the Bacaplus application first on the Play Store. After that, register directly with your email or FFB account. Later, you can get some number of points after registering.

So, that was the discussion about the Diamond FF Earning APK that you can use. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other Free Fire Tips from us.