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Best Cooking Game Review Cooking Mama: Let's Cook!

Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook! so it’s one of the best-selling games in the category cooking games. If you like cooking, then this Android online game can be interesting. Not only that, the Cooking Mama game can also be played offline. If you are someone who likes to cook, here are the features and a complete review of this cooking game.

The History of Mama’s Cooking Game

The video game Cooking Mama first appeared on the Nintendo DS in 2006. This game that teaches players to cook is immediately loved by children and adults, especially girls. After 9 years of the original series being released, Office Create as the developer finally released the latest series of Cooking Mama for the mobile market on iOS and Android on June 14 2015, namely Cooking Mama Let’s Cook!.

cooking mama game SOBATGAME

Despite being an old school game, the excitement of this game never goes away. It has been proven that since it was launched through the App Store and Google PlayStore, this game is very popular. In fact, it was once the most popular mobile game of its time. One more thing, if you play this game, you don’t have to worry about buying it, because this game is 100% FREE!

Attractive Graphic Display

When you play this game, you will be presented with cute and adorable graphics. The color accent of this game is thick with pink, plus the motherly character of Mama, who is very ready to guide you in completing the recipe. In addition, the level of detail is quite noticed by the developer. For example, every food ingredient is made like its real form, only in 3D. As a result, you will really feel in the kitchen to learn to cook with fun recipes.

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Interesting and Fun Features in Game

Not only the graphics are quite stunning for the class of Android cooking games, but there are also many features that you can try. Not only can you try various recipes in an imaginary kitchen, you can even fish to get food ingredients. You could say, this game not only offers experience for cooking but also makes you feel how the process of a food can be served on the table.

Not only that, you can also build a restaurant and make customers satisfied with the recipes you make. In this game you can serve a variety of dishes with the ingredients that have been collected. In this way, you can also develop the restaurant to be even bigger.

cooking mama's restaurant SOBATGAME

In addition, there are other features such as Help out, Play Shopkeeper, and Exercise your brain. There are more than 30 types of mini games to experience and of course you have to reach the highest points to get more coins. The fun doesn’t just stop there, you can also compete with gamers around the world in the global rankings in this one game.

How to Play Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook!

In Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook! You will use your fingers to follow Mama’s cooking instructions. You can apply various cooking techniques ranging from chopping food ingredients, turning the mill or dough mixture, frying, and so on. As a chef in the kitchen, you also have to pay attention to the availability of food ingredients so you can cook and determine the best recipe to get bigger profits. Calm down, for those of you who are playing this game for the first time, Mama will show you a short tutorial before starting.

Mama's cooking cake recipe SOBATGAME

When cooking you only follow the indicators that appear on the screen to cook, for example, swipe following the arrows, tap on a predetermined position or press, hold, then release according to the time. Most of the instructions are fairly easy to understand, but there are some that are quite confusing to follow. One of them is inserting the potato into the potato cutter, where at that time there is a continuous arrow pointing up and down, behind it there is a large downward arrow.

Cooking Mama Let’s Cook! at first there were only 5 recipes with one recipe that could not be opened. To reproduce the recipe, you have to buy a package containing 7 recipes via in-app purchase with prices starting from Rp. 15 thousand to Rp. 59 thousand. In total there are 5 packages available with a total price of IDR 239 thousand, if you are interested in buying all additional recipes.

Mom's cooking recipe SOBATGAME

Interestingly, if you are not interested in buying recipes, you can experiment with recipes in this game. You can combine recipes that you already have, for example combining Salisbury Steak with French Fries. Don’t worry, this combination doesn’t make more cooking steps. Everything will be summed up in just a few steps and in just one cooking session.

[KESIMPULAN] Download Game Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook!

If you like cooking, let alone aspire to be a chef, this game can be an effective medicine for you to play. You can download Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook! on Google PlayStore Android and App Store for iOS.

Specifications of Android Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook

  • Size 60MB
  • Age 3 years and over
  • Compatible Android 4.1 or after
  • More than 50 million downloads
  • App rating 4.3

Cooking Mama’s iPhone Specifications: Let’s Cook

  • Size 134.9MB
  • Age 4 years and over
  • Compatible iOS 9.0 or later
  • App rating 4.3