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Best Android Offline Multiplayer Game Recommendations

For those of you who are tired of playing online game which drains the quota. Dafunda Game has some of the Best Android Offline Multiplayer Game Recommendations that you must try.

Most of the best multiplayer android games will offer stunning 3-dimensional features and effects. Thus, many offline games also provide local multiplayer mode.

Speaking of multiplayer games. In this article, Dafunda Game will recommend some of the Best Android Offline Multiplayer Games that you must play.

Best Android Offline Multiplayer Games

1. Asphalt 8

android offline multiplayer games
Asphalt 8 1

The first is Asphalt 8. Asphalt 8 Airborne can be said to be one of the best racing games Gameloft has ever created.

To play this game offline, you must first download various additional data with a large enough size.

In offline mode, Asphalt 8 provides several game modes, including career, quick solo race, to playing with friends in local WiFi mode. For that, you have to be connected to the same WiFi network to play together.

In addition, this game also provides famous cars and dozens of trucks with dozens of different settings. With the various advantages offered, of course this game is a game that cannot be missed.

Game NameAsphalt 8
Download Size2.50GB
Offered ByGameloft SE

2. Metal Slug 3

android offline multiplayer games

The second Best Android Offline Multiplayer Game recommendation is Metal Slug 3. For those of you gamers in the 2000s, of course, you are already familiar with this one game. Carrying a 2D theme will certainly evoke your nostalgia for this game.

Game NameMetal Slug 3
Download Size74.63 MB

3. Badland

Badland |Frogmindo

The next recommendation is the game Badland. Badland is an offline multiplayer platformer game with unique yet challenging gameplay. For the gameplay, you can play by completing around 100 unique levels. Plus, each level will get more difficult as you progress.

For multiplayer mode, you can play in co-op mode by completing each level presented. In addition, this game also provides a versus game mode with different gameplay mechanics. The multiplayer mode can be played in 1 screen with a total of up to 4 players.

Game NameBadland
Download Size185 MB
Offered ByFrogmind

4. Sea Battle 2

android offline multiplayer games
Sea Battle 2|BYRIL

Next, there is a game called Sea Battle 2. This game is a sequel to the Sea Battle that you may have played on a java phone. Carrying the theme of the board game battleshop, you will put several ships on a board and wait their turn to fire a missile.

To play it with friends, you have to be connected to each other via bluetooth. The game will end if one of you loses all the ships on the board.

Game NameSea Battle 2
Download Size41 MB
Offered ByBYRIL

5. Special Forces Groups 2

Special Forbes Groups 2
Special Forbes Groups 2 |ForgeGames

Then there is the Special Forbes Groups 2 game. Special Forbes Groups 2 is arguably one of the best offline multiplayer games that you can download and play on Android. This game provides several game modes that you can play.

In addition, this game also provides Indonesian as an option. That way you can easily understand each weapon and also an explanation of the missions that you must complete.

In addition, besides being able to play offline alone, you can also play with friends via a WiFi connection and of course without the internet.

Game NameSpecial Forbes Groups 2
Download Size282 MB
Offered ByForgeGames

6. Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing 1
Beach Buggy Racing |Vector Unit

The next recommendation is Beach Buggy Racing. Beach Buggy Racing is one of the most interesting casual racing games to play. In this game, you will fly around the beach, over or under bridges and through tunnels.

You’ll also see other ruins along the way, while picking up the coins scattered across the race track.

For multiplayer game mode, players can play with a split screen system for up to 4 players at once. To play in multiplayer, a controller is needed for each player.

In addition, the multiplayer feature will only be obtained if you have made an in-app purchase.

Game NameBeach Buggy Racing
Download Size46 MB
Offered ByVector Unit

7. MTB Downhill : Multiplayer

Mtb Downhill Multiplayer
Mtb Downhill Multiplayer |Brain Vault

The last recommendation is MTB DownHill : Multiplayer. MTB DownHill is a bike racing game which is almost similar to DownHill game in PlayStation 2. What’s interesting about this game is the graphics are quite realistic. So this game is very interesting for you to play. In this game you will be cycling down the hill which will certainly stimulate your adrenaline.

Game NameMTB DownHill : Multiplayer
Download Size104 MB
Offered ByBrain Vault

So, that’s the recommendation for the Best Android Offline Multiplayer Game that Dafunda Game can recommend for those of you who are tired of going through the day. Never get bored to keep visiting Game Funda because we will always provide news and other interesting recommendations about the game world.