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Besides Franco, This is an Effective Tank Hero Fighting Buffs in Mobile Legends

Did you know that apart from Franco, there are other tank heroes that can effectively destroy buffs in Mobile Legends. Surely this hero is common to you.

Franco is the most common tank hero played by all Mobile Legends players to destroy the opponent’s buff.

All because of Franco’s 1st skill, which can draw any object in front of him except his teammates. Now this is put to good use by the players to destroy the opponent’s buff.

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The goal is so that the opponent’s jungler does not quickly become. But did you know that it’s not only Franco who is an effective buff riot tank hero. But there is one more, who is he?


Hero tank core mobile legends
Photo via Mobile Legends: Adventure Wiki – Fandom

The answer is Tigreal, before Franco was popularly used by players to destroy the opponent’s buff. Tigreal had already done this when he was buffed some time ago.

But when there are a few nerfs and small changes to the jungle, Tigreal is no longer popular but don’t get me wrong, he is still effective at destroying the opponent’s buff.

In fact, his effectiveness is much better than Franco’s regarding the task of destroying the opponent’s buff. Because Tigreal has skill 2 which can destroy all of the opponent’s buffs as well as their hyper.

Mobile Legends First Hero

This is far more terrible than Franco who can only destroy one buff not all of it. So it’s not only Franco, the spinners who can effectively destroy the opponent’s buff.

But there is also Tigreal who is much better at the task of destroying the opponent’s buff. That’s the buff riot hero in Mobile Legends besides Franco from the tank role.

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