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Besides Activision, Bethesda also pulled the game from GeForce Now

GeForce Now has to let go of American developer Bethesda Softwork

GeForce Now is a Cloud Gaming Service from Nvidia which was publicly released on June 4, 2022, They have also collaborated a lot with Game Developers to release their games on Nvidia’s Cloud Platform such as CD Project, FromSoftware, NetherRealmsas well as Ubisoft.

Well, it looks like this time Nvidia has to let go of one of the developers who released their games on their new platform. It was reported that Bethesda Softworks, a publisher from the United States, had withdrawn all the games and officially left the GeForce Now service. But, for games Wolfstein : Youngblood can still be played on the Cloud Gaming platform service.

This makes Bethesda the second developer to come out. After a while, Activision has also pulled all of its games from the GeForce Now service.

Through their Official Blog page which was delivered directly by Nvidia, they said that:

Please understand that as of today, almost all games from Bethesda are no longer available on the Geforce Now service. Meanwhile, Wolfenstein Youngblood will still be present for Geforce Now. Founders Members can still continue their gaming experience with RTX On.”

Until now, there is still no clarity from the two parties regarding the release of the games Bethesda from Nvidia’s Cloud Gaming service.