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Before Getting Nerfed, This Fighter Was the Strongest in Mobile Legends

Did you know that before getting nerfed, this fighter hero was the strongest in Mobile Legends. It was hard to beat him first.

Before the meta of crowd control heroes in Mobile Legends and the arrival of the big nerf, this fighter hero was the strongest of the other Mobile Legends heroes.

But unfortunately Moonton didn’t want it to happen for so long until finally this fighter hero got nerfed and as a result, until now it is no longer used by the players.

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Who is this hero and what terrible power did he have? Check out the review of the SPIN Esports version.

Alucard – King of Lifesteal

Mobile legends strong fighter hero
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Yep, that hero is Alucard, this fighter hero has topped the caste as the strongest hero in Mobile Legends even without a retribution spell.

As his nickname, Alucard’s great strength comes from his lifesteal which is very heavy and difficult to contain. Even at that time it only took 2 items to make Alucard’s lifesteal full quickly & immediately full.

Therefore he is dubbed the king of lifesteal because it only takes a few items to make his blood recover quickly. Alucard himself has occupied the strongest fighter caste for a long time because of his abilities.

Until finally Moonton gave a big nerf to Alucard’s lifesteal ability. Nerf is not playing games, even until now Alucard has not returned to the game meta.

advantages of alucard-mobile-legends
source : Mobile Legends

His ability is very weak, easy to beat plus the many cc heroes who are ready to stop Alucard just like that. That’s the strongest MLBB fighter hero in his time before he got nerfed.

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