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Because they are considered too overpowered, these 5 AOV heroes are affected by Nerf

As we know the MOBA game is identical to the cooperation and balance of skills of each hero. But what happens if some of the heroes have above average damage, defense and skills. Therefore, AOV plans to nerf the hero to make the game fair.

1. Darcy


Who doesn’t know Darcy’s hero? Hero mage who has burst damage since the early game and has immune skills. Nerf performed on this hero is in the form of a Dimensional walk where the cooldown of the skill is longer. The ultimate skill is also nerfed, which if Darcy wants to teleport, he must hit the enemy and the cooldown of the skill increases.

2. Veres


Bad news for Veres players, this hero’s nerf is on Bloody Fangs and Serpent Embrace skills and slows enemies down to 1 second previously for 2 seconds. The cooldown of the skill was also increased to 15 seconds.

3. Marja


Now Marja is a hero who is too Over Powered since getting a revamp. the reason is that Marja’s ulti can make herself immune for a while because of that AOV does nerf in the form of a Dark Pulse skill which has a reduced movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. Marja’s ultimate skill also has a longer cooldown of 40 seconds.

4. Yorn


This archer hero becomes very strong when he gets a buff. How not, when Fierce Shot is active, it will cause true damage to the hero. The nerf experienced by yorn is the passive skill distance which was originally 11 meters reduced to 10 meters. Basic damage is also reduced and the Explosive Arrow skill also gets nerf, which is the stun duration from 1 second to 0.75 seconds.

5. krizzix


This one support hero is nerfed in his Hidden Trance skill, where the movement speed only increases by 30% and the Gravition Pull skill which produces less damage than before.

Source Gamebrot