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Be Careful, This is a Clarification of Recruiting Scams from Bigetron Esports!

This is the clarification from Bigetron Esports regarding the fraud case using his name!

Joining the Esports team is one of the dreams of young people these days, because it is in line with their hobbies.

Esports is a sport that was just inaugurated a few years ago, and has become a target for young people to join.

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Many Indonesian esports teams have been born, and have produced extraordinary players, even winning international tournaments.

Like Evos Esports, RRQ Esports, Bigetron Esports, and many more teams from Indonesia who have made our country proud.

Naturally, many young people, students, want to apply for jobs in one of these teams.

It turns out that this can be used as a fraudulent idea for fraudsters out there, carrying the name of this esports team.

One of them happened to Bigetron Esports, who just gave the news that there are a lot of scams using the Bigetron name.

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Beware of Scams in the Name of Bigetron Esports!

Through the Bigetron Esports Instagram account, they gave the news that it turned out that there were a lot of scams using the Bigetron name.

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The fraudsters started by giving news via Instagram DM to Bigetron fans who had the opportunity to be recruited.

Luckily some fans can think twice about dealing with fraud problems like this, but for those who don’t, then they will be exposed to fraud cases.

With this, Bigetron reminds again that, never believe in the recruitment case, and they IMPOSSIBLE contact recruits via DM.

So for the Bigetroopers, who ask a lot of questions, and want to join one of the Bigetron teams, please don’t be fooled.

Usually formally, all companies will contact recruits via email, and it is not possible to contact via other Messengers.