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Battlefield V Review: Supports the Latest Graphic Technology

The successor to EA’s flagship FPS game by the name of Battlefield V is enough to steal attention, especially with the demo from the launch of NVIDIA GeForce RTX some time ago that offers the latest graphics technology. In addition, the use of the Frostbite Engine as a graphic base is still being continued by EA for one of its biggest franchises on this one. In this fifth series, EA wants to return the Battlefield as before, namely with the theme of the Second World War, followed by its competitor, Call of Duty, which released Call of Duty WWII.

Battlefield V

However, at the beginning of the release of the trailer, many gamers were skeptical and as a result the trailer experienced a lot of criticism. This is because the pace of the battle is slow which makes Battlefield V less exciting. Is that how it is? It seems unfair to judge the Battlefield V game based on the trailer before trying the game. For those of you who are curious about this game, the editor of Sobatgame this time will discuss the latest franchise from Battlefield V. Follow this game until the end.

Plot: Can Become a Nazi Soldier

Instead of continuing the modern theme, EA DICE is now returning the Battlefield series to the way it used to be, namely the theme of the Second World War. It seems that EA DICE wants to compete with its competitors by launching a game with the same theme. By returning the theme of the Second World War, it doesn’t mean that EA DICE doesn’t offer anything new besides the graphics. Battlefield V brings some interesting new features that make the new experience even more pronounced.

Battlefield V

Although taking the theme of WWII, Battlefield V wants to offer a story that has never been thought of before, namely the battle of Northern Norway and the ruins of Rotterdam. The plot of Battlefield V offers four scenarios. These scenarios include playing Senegalese troops who are actively involved in the French war for equality. In addition, EA DICE also offers scenarios that allow you to take on the role of a Nazi soldier. There is another scenario where the player is a member of the British army who is trying to infiltrate a Nazi base.

Battlefield V

Exciting Battlefield V Gameplay with Exciting Playtime

However, what makes us a bit disappointed is the campaign mode which in our opinion is not too long. Even to complete the entire scenario, you can only spend about 3-4. Fortunately, behind all the shortness of the story, you are quite free to circle the area. In addition, the fifth Battlefield offers a stealth feature that allows you to incapacitate enemies secretly. The difficulty level offered by Battlefield V is quite high, even for normal difficulty levels.

Battlefield V

Previously, we mentioned that Battlefield V offers a scenario called The Last Tiger that allows you to play from a Nazi point of view. However, given this scenario, DICE seems to be playing it safe. Junebe because of fear of getting a lot of criticism from many people because as we know that the Nazis are an organization that has a very dark background. You will not listen to the screams of Hitler’s voice and also talk about ideology. That’s most of the story plot of the scenarios provided by Battlefield V, but what about the gameplay and graphics.

For those who already know or are veterans of the Battlefield game, they know that the core of this game is not the campaign mode, but the multiplayer mode. Because Battlefield V was made with the Frostbite Engine, of course this game offers a more massive and exciting battle. You will feel and see great explosions. You will see buildings and vehicles destroyed by explosions. In addition, the Behemoth concept offers a giant vehicle feature that offers a realistic sensation of war.

One of the attractions and selling points of Battlefield V is the quality of the graphics offered which are very realistic. Especially for those of you users of NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards that create more realistic lighting and shadows with Ray Tracing. You will see reflections of shadows that you can see on the car body, glass, and even puddles of water. However, if you are still using a GeForce GTX graphics card, you will still feel the graphics are pleasing to the eye.


Battlefield V is arguably a new step that represents the future of gaming. This can be seen from the use of new graphics technology through NVIDIA GeForce RTX with Ray Tracing and several other features. However, for those of you who are gamers looking for an exciting single player mode, don’t expect too much from this game. Yes, although it’s still fun to play.