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Battlefield 2042 and FIFA 22 Rumored to be Coming Soon Xbox Game Pass

EA is currently facing a tough year for their games. Especially for their flagship shooter series, Battlefield which was a mess when Battlefield 2042 was released last year.

EA continues to make various efforts to be able to fix the many problems that exist in the game. But unfortunately it still hasn’t been able to restore the trust of gamers.

However, it seems that EA will try another new way to attract gamers to Battlefield 2042, especially for Xbox and PC users, namely through Game Pass.

In a leak shared by leaker Idle Sloth on Twitter, he indicated that the Battlefield 2042 page on the Xbox Store app now has a “Game Pass” badge.

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And it’s not just Battlefield 2042, their popular soccer game FIFA 22 is also said to have earned the same badge.

Unfortunately, after the viral news, Microsoft and EA then removed the Game Pass logo from each of the Xbox Store pages of the two games.

It’s possible that Battlefield 2042 and FIFA 22 will be officially announced into Game Pass this June. Which means now just counting the days.