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Batman: Arkham Knight Review, The 4th Dark Knight Series

Batman: Arkham Knight is one of the most awaited games. This game made by RockSteady Studios is lined up as a successor to the two previous game series, namely Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City which has the best open world game concept. This DC game was released by RockSteady for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Unfortunately, after it was launched, many PC users reported game performance problems, which made Warner Bros. forced to withdraw this game for repair.

batman arkham knight review

But different from the PC version, the console version of Batman Arkham Knight game runs well. Good graphic quality and detail has received praise from many world game reviewers. Just like the two previous series, the Batman Arkham Knight game presents a tense open world concept. You can explore all parts of Gotham city smoothly without loading delays. The game display is also smoother because the framerate tends to be stable.

Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay and Story

The gameplay presented is not much different from the previous Batman games. In DC Superhero games In this you have to explore the city of Gotham while fighting with the criminals who disturb the peace of the city. Batman Arkham Knight also presents the latest Batman batmobile or vehicle.

review batman arkham knight enemy

The game’s story begins with the Joker’s death due to a crime he committed in the Arkham City closing game series. However, the threats did not stop there. After the Joker, it turned out that Bruce Wayne had to face a more vicious enemy, the Scarecrow. Yes, the Scarecrow is one of Batman’s most ruthless enemies. His main mission is to defeat Batman and reveal his secret identity. In this game, the Scarecrow managed to recruit other top class villains, such as: Poison Ivy, Two Face, Penguin, and Arkham Knight.

Arkham Knight is arguably the most dangerous enemy to recruit. Because he seems to really understand the character of Batman from the outside and inside. Sadistically, Arkham Knight is not alone because he brought armed troops and drones to rule Gotham and defeat Batman.

batman arkham knight open world review

Rocksteady deliberately maximizes the performance of this game by expanding the size of the city of Gotham. According to his claim, the size of the city of Gotham in the Arkham Knight game is 5 times larger than Arkham City. Every detail of the city, the dramatic raindrop effect, including the lighting is very well designed by RockSteady. The effect when Batman spreads his wings is also very real.

Open World Game with Thick Action

The Batman Arkham Knight game offers the sensation of a fast and intense action game in an open world. For those of you who have played 2 Batman Arkham games before, it definitely doesn’t take much time to adapt. Hand-to-hand combat system with incredible combos decorated with fast-paced animation.

batman arkham knight gameplay review

Rocksteady offers the option to play with the emphasis on stealth. This means, you can beat your opponent by maximizing stealth takedown, so there is no longer a silly death term. In addition, there are also 2 variants to defeat the enemy quickly, namely Fear Takedown and Environment Takedown. Fear Takedown allows you to defeat multiple enemies in a short amount of time.

batman arkham knight dual team review

After successfully doing Stealth Takedown, you can get one chance Fear Takedown. But keep in mind, Fear Takedown allows all enemies to be aware of your position. Meanwhile, for Environment Takedown, the enemy will be executed by taking advantage of the surrounding conditions. You can also use special shortcuts to issue special weapons such as Remote Electric to stun multiple enemies at the same time.

batman arkham knight character

Batman Arkham Knight also has a Dual Team mode. Where you will fight alone accompanied by Robin, Nightwing, or Catwoman. You can change characters in real time while fighting. But unfortunately, the Dual Team option is just a decoration because it only exists in certain stories.

The presence of the Batmobile is a plus (& minus)

The presence of the Batmobile is the most awaited in the Arkham Knight series. Moreover, with the size of the city which is 5 times wider than Arkham City, making this means of transportation very valuable. But of course there are some things that actually make the presence of the Batmobile a minus of this game.

The presence of the Batmobile actually makes the size of the city which is 5 times wider, even smaller. With the Batmobile you can indeed move quickly, but the tempo of the game is also shorter. This is because all places can be reached easily. At the beginning of the story, it is told that all the residents of Gotham City have been evacuated because of the terror created by Arkham Knight. This makes no city dwellers who are still passing along the streets of Gotham city. So, you can drive the Batmobile as fast as possible without having to think about someone getting hit.

batman arkham knight batmobile review

The presence of the Batmobile in this game is seen only to compensate for the wider city size. Meanwhile, the Batmobile’s abilities that are presented are not as wild as imagined. The Batmobile seems to be designed not to kill. Although equipped with cannons and machine guns, these weapons will automatically turn into ordinary weapons that will only paralyze humans.

Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Videos


Batman Arkham Knight offers a better city design than before. The size of the city is also 5 times wider than Arkham City, so the impression of an open world game is felt. But unfortunately, the impression of the glamorous city of Gotham must be lost because all residents have been evacuated so that there is relatively no one you can meet on the street except enemies. Batman’s battle with his opponent also feels less personal because in this game Batman puts forward the human side by not wanting to kill his opponent. It is Batman’s trademark not to want to kill, and this is what makes this game feel less wild than you might imagine.