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Back to Recruit Game Streamers in Indonesia, Nimo TV is Back?

Back to Recruit Game Streamers in Indonesia, Nimo TV is Back?

A few months ago, the biggest gaming streamers channel in Indonesia and the Asian region, Nimo TV, officially announced the termination of its operations in Indonesia.

This is certainly bad news for the esports industry in the midst of growth that various stakeholders are starting to see.

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In addition, it also makes professional players flock to invade other platforms such as YouTube.

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Nimo TV Opens Recruitment Again

Photo via PUBG Mobile

After ceasing to operate for gaming services at the end of last June, Nimo TV is surprisingly now re-opening recruitment for game streamers in Indonesia.

Through his latest upload, the streaming platform from the bamboo curtain country opens vacancies for streamers for users of Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile to GTA 5.

This of course makes fans speculate about the return of gaming services for Nimo TV in the country.

Fan Enthusiasm Exploded

After a series of announcements, finally the fans immediately responded positively.

In fact, they also immediately did mention against his idol streamers to re-stream on the Nimo TV platform.

This positive signal certainly indicates that Nimo TV for gaming services will soon be back in operation in Indonesia.

It is not impossible that the return of the platform will be even greater considering that there are still many vacancies for other games that have not been opened by Nimo TV.

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