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Back as Director, Ben Affleck Raises the True Story of the Congolese People

Ben Affleck is one of the famous movie stars in Hollywood. We may know him as Bruce Wayne aka Batman in the DC Extended Universe, but he also has the ability to process films from behind the scenes.

When Affleck directs a film based on a true story, he gives us Best Picture Oscars like Argo. Now he will be back behind the camera again to lift another drama that tells about aspects of history that have never been reported.

King Leopold’s Ghost

King Leopold 2
King Leopold killed many Africans | Liberty Write Africa

As reported by Deadline, Affleck will direct a film called King Leopold’s Ghost. The film will focus on a story related to colonialism, African history, human rights abuses, and inspiring people as they fought for the truth.

This film, based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Adam Hochschild, will explore the gruesome legacy of King Leopold II of Belgium in the 18th century.

He became rich by privately buying up the Congo Free State, forming a mercenary army that plundered resources and slaughtered anyone who got in his way.

Eventually, the people of Congo began to fight back against Leopold’s cruel rule. Affleck’s film will center on three people leading the resistance effort: an Irish spy, a British journalist, and an African-American missionary.

Casting Not Announced

So far, no casting has been announced. But it looks like there will be a lot of A-class actors who want to get a chance to appear in this important and terrible job.

The film will be written by Farhad Safinia and produced by Affleck himself through Pearl Street Films. Meanwhile, he will also be accompanied by Martin Scorsese and Harry Belafonte.

This story was actually made into a documentary in 2006. Affleck’s team initially considered making the film a limited series. But because he wanted a more complete story, he finally decided to make it into a film.

So, are you interested in Ben Affleck’s new film? The release date is still unknown, so stay tuned for the latest information about movies at Dafunda Movie.