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ASUS ROG Mothership GZ700GXE: AIO Laptop Or Desktop?

ASUS just released its newest monster with the name ASUS ROG Mothership some time ago. This product is arguably a hybrid product that combines a laptop model with an AIO desktop. We are also a bit confused when we look at the weight, which is very heavy for the size of a laptop.

ASUS ROG Mothership

This product comes with specifications that will beat AAA games super smooth and reach FPS 60s and above. In terms of price, this laptop can be equivalent to a car. Of course this product can only be purchased for the sultans and oil kings.

But we don’t want to destroy your dreams, so we will still present a review article about this ASUS ROG Mothership. Curious about this laptop? Please follow this article to the end.

Monster Specifications in a Thinner Body

Some time ago, ASUS brought one of its best weapons with the specifications of this monster in Indonesia under the name ASUS ROG Mothership. Looks like ASUS wants to continue the GX800 series which had amazing performance when it was first released. Because now is the era of gaming laptops with simpler designs, ASUS has released the ROG Mothership which comes with a new ROG Strix-style design.

ASUS ROG Mothership

ASUS ROG Mothership is equipped with an Intel Core i9 i9-9980HK processor which is a ninth generation processor that still uses the Coffee Lake architecture. This processor comes with 6 cores and 16 threads which will definitely provide reliable single-core and multi-core performance. This processor has just been released this year.

The changes that are owned by the Intel Core i9 that came out this year are the addition of two cores and threads that can significantly lift performance when compared to the 6-core series, especially the lowest clock. This processor can be overclocked up to 5.00 GHz.

In addition, for graphics processing, this product relies on the GeForce RTX 2080 which is one of the most powerful graphics cards for laptops. Previously, we also explained that this product is more similar to the AIO desktop, but in terms of specifications, Mothership uses specifications for laptops. Back again to the RTX 2080, this graphics card is not only capable of providing high performance for gaming, but also the latest graphics technology that supports ray tracing.

Mothership’s components have been factory overclocked. Even without being overclocked, all games can be crushed easily. Well, this product also uses three NVME SSDs with a capacity of 512 which is enough to install many of the latest games and also store a lot of data and documents. NVME SSDs can be said to be storage media that are able to provide the fastest read and write performance to date. Say goodbye to long boot times.

ASUS ROG Mothership Design

This is the most interesting part of the ROG Mothership. Design owned by ASUS gaming laptop this one is quite revolutionary. This ASUS combines the design of a gaming laptop with an all-in-one PC. However, due to its size which is quite large and its weight is quite heavy, this product is more suitable to be called an all-in-one desktop. This is also emphasized by the keyboard that can be disassembled.

ROG Mothership screen has a size of 17.3 which is large for a gaming laptop. Even so, this laptop screen carries an IPS panel with thin bezels and offers two options. You can choose 4K resolution for a sharper and more detailed display, and also Full HD resolution which has a 144 Hz refresh rate which is able to provide smoother gaming visuals.

ASUS ROG Mothership

If you are more interested in 4K resolution, you don’t have to worry because both resolutions already support NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology which is able to present smoother visuals without tearing.

How about the audio? A laptop for a new car is useless if it doesn’t have good audio quality too. How can you prove it? You can refer to the technology used. The ROG Mothership’s audio is powered by the ESS Saber HiFi DAC which already has Hi-Res audio certification.

Conclusion: The Price Is Expensive, Is It Worth It?

The price of this one laptop is not playing. The price is also not only from the highest specifications, but also the technology it carries. Starting from the design, cooling system technology, to the audio. However, is it worth it?

For those of you who really have a lot of money, this laptop can support your gaming or productivity activities. For gaming, it is quite overkill because the specifications have been overclocked by the manufacturer.