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Are There 3 New FF Characters in the Bermuda Remastered Map Update?

Bermuda Remastered Coming Soon, Any New FF Characters?

3 days ago, the official Free Fire Indonesia Youtube channel has released the latest teaser video regarding the Bermuda Remastered map or also known as Bermuda 2.0.

So far, Bermuda Remastered can only be tried by FF players in Clash Squad mode and cannot be played in Classic or Ranked mode.

The update seems to be coming to Free Fire on August 22, the same day as FF’s birthday.

However, from this video, apart from being a teaser map for Bermuda Remastered, it looks like Garena has leaked and hints that Free Fire will get three new characters!

FF will get 3 new Characters?

First new character

Bermuda 2.0 New FF Characters

The first character appears at 00:07 – 00:10 seconds of the teaser video. The character is seen walking through the green smoke with his troops.

He has an intimidating appearance in a crimson outfit accompanied by a gray coat, plus his robotic eyes and left arm. The character is like a character from the Terminator movie.

Second and third new characters

Bermuda 2.0 New FF Characters

The second and third new characters can be seen at 00:16-00:21 seconds of the video alongside Antonio (far left) and Moco (blue haired).

To Moco’s right, there was a black man with a square haircut, wearing a blue suit and sunglasses, like an agent.

Beside the character, there was a woman who had a similar outfit, a woman’s coat with gold accents.

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From the video, there are 2 big possibilities:

  • Players will get new FF characters
  • Players will get a new FF Skin
  • Players will get both

We hope the third option is the answer, and knowing Garena, they are very happy to leak updates through teaser videos, just like they did with Plan Bermuda too.

This is the leak of the new FF characters in the Bermuda Remastered or Bermuda 2.0 map update! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!