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Apex Legends Showcases Update Season 13 Saviors Through Their Latest Trailer

Junebe you all already know what will happen to Apex Legends for the next season update. But recently Apex Legends again showed off a Gameplay trailer for the next season.

BattlePass Season 13

The trailer still talks about Newcastle, the newest defender hero from Apex Legends. The function of the hero, of course, is to protect your friends. There are several things that catch the attention of this hero, from the trailer shown, it appears that Newcastle can turn people on by using a shield and drag them when knocked.

Besides that, of course you already know, such as making walls and bringing up shields that can move. Junebe some of the moves are just a showcase but it could be that Newcastle can have a lot of skills.

It didn’t stop there, they also gave a new update on the Strom Point map, apart from a few changed locations, they showed that there was a place like the World Edge. Where you will fight the available mob monsters to get a decent loot. The difference is that in World Edge you will fight monsters, at Strom Point you will fight robots.

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Finally they announced their new battle pass which shows skins from Mad Maggie, Newcastle and also Fuse. Of course to get rewards from their newest BattlePass you have to complete various missions to increase your level and claim the prizes.

So let’s just look forward to season 13 of Apex Legends with the title Savior. Are you ready to enjoy new heroes and push rank?. Season 13 of Savior Apex Legends will be released on June 10, 2022.