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Any indications that PUBG Mobile will be banned in China?

Some time ago there were indications that PUBG Mobile would be banned in China?

After experiencing bad luck some time ago which required the PUBG Mobile game to be banned in India.

Now PUBG Mobile is having problems again because recently there are indications that PUBG Mobile will be banned in China.

The problem arose last week where previously the Chinese government noted that there were 14 mobile applications that had violated state policies.

These applications are believed to have collected users’ personal data more than what is stated in the agreement document between the user and the game developer.

One of the applications being monitored is the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile called Peacekeeper.


pubg mobile banned in china

Peacekeeper itself is an official clone of the PUBG Mobile game in China because previously PUBG Mobile was not allowed to be released in China since 2022.

This is due to many things, because it is considered violence, the effect of red blood and so on.

Therefore, they made a special PUBG Mobile clone in China, which in the game was changed a lot by the PUBG Mobile game developer.

Regardless of all that, back to the main problem where PUBG Mobile (Peacekeeper) is likely to be blocked by the Chinese government and this is a big loss for them.

If the developers can’t reach peace with the Chinese government then this is their biggest problem.

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