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Among Us Competes the Number of Active Players Equivalent to PUBG!

Among Us managed to compete with the number of active players on par with PUBG, and even beat them!

The game that has been viral recently played by gamers in Indonesia has just received amazing statistics.

This statistic relates to the number of players with which Among Us has the highest possible number of players so far.

Actually, this is no longer surprising considering that there are so many gamers in Indonesia who play this game.

In fact, there are so many times that the servers in Among Us have errors or are not even strong enough to accommodate the number of players that are active at the same time.

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among us players

Regarding this, Among Us has also managed to beat or compete with the number of players from PUBG according to data taken from Steam Charts.

According to data from there (Steam Charts), the players of this online game have increased since August 2022 and increased high in September 2022.

The number of players recorded was up to 388,385 people on September 14, 2022 and interestingly, this number surpassed the most popular game, PUBG.

On the same day, PUBG recorded the number of players up to 381 thousand. And in the following days until now their number of players continues to be below Among Us.

among us players

Even when this article was written, the number of Among Us players was very high, being in third place and only losing to Dota 2 and CSGO.

Game Among Us itself is an online multiplayer game that is very easy to play even for ordinary people.

You just have to complete the existing missions, while the impostor has to kill one by one the crew secretly but calculatingly.

Apart from that, there is news that the Among Us game will be blocked by the Indonesian government, is that true?

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