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Although Not Fully Released, Fortnite Mobile Earns 2 Million Dollars Per Day

Shocking news came from the well-known Mobile Game, Fortnite Mobile. This game is a collaboration between Tencent and Epic Games. Even though it’s only been released on the IOS Platform and Samsung Galaxy, it doesn’t allow Fortnite Mobile to make big profits. Unmitigated, Epic Games’ income from this battle royale game is huge. This game has earned revenues of about $ 15 million dollars or around Rp. 206 billion in just 20 days since its release on IOS. If you count – count Fortnite Mobile has earned around 1.8 million dollars per day, wow, it’s an extraordinary achievement considering that this game has not yet been fully released on Android. This amount is up about 197% from the previous amount of revenue which reached 620 thousand dollars.

Source: SensorTower

This acquisition makes Fortnite Mobile the best-selling game on the iPhone today. Until – until this game managed to beat well-known IOS games such as Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, and Pokemon GO. In fact, this game has been downloaded 10 million times since its release. Although the Android version is still in beta, it is estimated that Fortnite Mobile’s profit could be 3 million dollars per day if the Android version has been released. Although the release of Android is still being questioned, you can play it in the beta stage by registering your account on the official Epic Games website.