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ALTER EGO Valorant Officially Sponsored By AOC Gaming Monitors!

Aiming to prove the quality of the best-in-class monitor in the realm of esports, Alter Ego’s Valorant division is ready to embark on a competitive journey in 2022 with an exclusive partnership with AOC Gaming Monitor!

As we know, AOC at the end of 2022 presents a world-class tournament titled AOC Masters Tournament which is present in more than 6 countries with Alter Ego as the Champion of this Tournament!

AOC Monitor will officially sponsor and support the actions of Alter Ego, Tehbotol cs will use the AGON AG273FZE Monitor with 0.5ms 240Hz technology reinforced with IPS technology and futuristic models and the AOC 24G2 Monitor with refresh rate 144Hz which has a screen area of ​​up to 23.8 inches and provides accurate colors and smooth graphics movement!

with world-class gaming monitor technology from AOC that is capable of producing accurate colors, technology graphic synccomplete monitor functions, and very suitable for specifications high-end.

Alter Ego Action at AOC Masters Tournament 2022

Previously, Indonesia itself had entered the qualifying phase from October to November 2022 by bringing a prize pool of Rp. 15 million!

The two teams that represented Indonesia were Alter Ego in the first position and then Frostwolf in the second position. Indonesian representatives have the right to advance to the Grand Final Stage which will take place from November to December 2022.

The AOC Masters Tournament which was broadcast to 8 countries with prizes of more than 11,000 USD was automatically filled by Valorant teams who were strong in the SEA scene such as:

ahq e-Sports Club (Taiwan), Attack All Around (Thailand), Overtime Esports (Thailand), MiTH.Attitude (Thailand), Team SMG (Singapore), Todak (Malaysia), Bren Esports (Philippines) and others.

Alter Ego Esports is indeed the favorite to win with a talented roster. Despite driving as runner-up Group C standings, but Alter Ego was able to play very well in the AOC Masters Tournament Playoffs.

With the format best-of-five In the Grand Final, Alter Ego Esports and Overtime Esports are ready to compete for the main prize of 5,000 USD, AGON Gaming Monitor, and the AOC Masters Tournament trophy.

Alter Ego started the first match very well after silencing Overtime with a complete lineup of Agents namely Jett, Omen, Sova, Cypher, and Sage.

Despite being left behind in the next match with a score of 7-5, in the second half Alter Ego was able to turn things around to 8-2 and at the same time secure the first point. Not much different, in the second match the Alter Ego fleet was able to secure a score of 13-9 with a combination of Phoenix and Brimstone.

The last match as well as the determination was successfully closed by Alter Ego with the title after successfully defeating Overtime with a landslide score of 13-6.

AOC Masters Tournament as a world-class gaming monitor has successfully demonstrated its quality as the best monitor in gaming and various entertainment activities for the global esports community.