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Allergy Lag! Here are 5 Heroes You Can't Play When You're Lagging

Network stability is indeed an important thing in playing online games. Mobile Legends is no exception, you can see the network connection from the number of existing pings. When playing Hero in a match, it’s not fast enough from the stability of the connection, if a little lag is enough to affect the style of play. And it turns out that there are some Hero Allergy Lags, meaning that even a little lag can be fatal. What are these heroes, check the list of 5 heroes that should not be played if you are lagging.

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Yep, of course if Fanny is very allergic to lag. How can I not, the Hero who is ranked first as the most difficult Jero in Mobile Legends requires expert skills to play this Hero. If a little lag is enough to affect the performance of the game.


Next is the Banned Hero subscription, Lancelot. It’s clear that playing this hero requires a good network connection. That’s because every Lancelot Skill requires proper coordination in using it. So even a little lag can make a lot of mistakes happen. Or it could even be a burden on the team.


One of the unique things that Jhonson has is that this Hero can be a car and we can control it like a driver. But the problem is that when you use this Ulti Hero, it is imperative to have a smooth network connection. Because, if a little Lag will definitely hit the wall. This is what makes this hero very allergic to lag.


One more Hero that should not be played when Lag is Gusion. Indeed, if you are playing Hero, it is not only skill, but a good network connection. Because playing Gusion requires speed, reflexes and proper coordination when facing an opponent. Just a little lag can get you killed by your opponent.


And the last Hero who is allergic to Lag is Kagura. This Mage type hero has no doubt about his abilities. Playing Kagura at least requires skill, speed and good coordination in using it. This is what makes Kagura one of the heroes that should not be played if you are lagging.