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Ahead of MSC 2O22, this is a Z4pnu message for MLBB fans in Indonesia!

Ahead of MSC 2O22, this is a Z4pnu message for MLBB fans in Indonesia!

The MSC 2022 event will again be the venue for determining the two biggest Mobile Legends powers in Southeast Asia, namely between Indonesia and the Philippines.

The reason is, the teams from the two countries often decorate the grand finals at prestigious events such as M-World, MSC and even the MPL Invitational.

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MSC 2022 itself is still predicted to be a stage for the best teams from Indonesia and the Philippines to show their teeth again.

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Z4pnu Gives Message to Unscrupulous MLBB Fans in Indonesia

Photo via Spectator PH

After shaking the Indonesian public some time ago regarding his remarks at the 2022 SEA Games, now Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso is ready to show off at the MSC 2022 event.

The reason is, he himself will certainly be part of Omega Esports to compete in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Interestingly, Z4pnu has a special message for unscrupulous Mobile Legends fans in Indonesia.

“Please don’t report our IG account and Facebook page,” said Z4pnu when attending the MSC 2022 media interview which was attended by SPIN Esports.

This, of course, is quite disturbing, because these elements take advantage of the competition between the two countries.

In addition, the behavior of these individuals has indeed made the competitive climate in the Mobile Legends competitive arena less healthy.

So, of course, SPIN Esports hopes that these individuals will not repeat the same actions again.

So, that’s a special message from Z4pnu to unscrupulous Mobile Legends fans in Indonesia who are accused of frequently committing crimes report.

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