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Ahead of MSC 2022, Smart Omega PH Beware of RRQ Lemon!

Ahead of MSC 2022, Smart Omega Beware of RRQ Lemon’s Presence!

The MSC 2022 event will be held in the near future and will compete with the best teams in the Southeast Asian region.

Indonesia itself will certainly send two of its best representatives, namely RRQ Hoshi and ONIC Esports with a mission to bring back the MSC trophy.

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Of course, teams from the Philippines will still be a significant threat for the two teams from Indonesia to be able to secure this prestigious trophy.

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Smart Omega PH Beware of Lemon

rrq lemon mpl season 6
photo via ig Lemon

In line with general opinion, of course, teams from the Philippines are also very wary of teams from Indonesia and consider both RRQ Hoshi and ONIC Esports as the main title challengers.

This, of course, cannot be separated from the rivalry between the two countries in the competitive Mobile Legends scene, which is always hot.

Photo via Omega Esports

In fact, the coach of Smart Omega PH, Anthony “YNOT” Senedrin admits that the presence of RRQ Lemon will have a big influence on RRQ Hoshi at the MSC event later.

“The presence of RRQ Lemon will certainly make RRQ Hoshi stronger, especially since these players have a wide hero pool and often play heroes outside of META which makes RRQ difficult to predict and makes surprising moves later,” YNOT said to SPIN Esports in a media interview ahead of MSC 2022.

This statement is certainly not surprising, considering that Muhammad “Ikhsan” Lemon has three possible places that he can play either as a goldlaner, explaner or midlaner.

In addition, in terms of the hero pool, he also has a very unlimited pool so that the opponent will be confused in reading the game from the Acehnese player.

Therefore, it is certainly not an exaggeration if the Execration coach is aware of the presence of RRQ Lemon at the MSC 2022 event later.

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