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Ahead of MSC 2022, OMEGA Esports Won't Watch RRQ Alberttt!

Ahead of MSC 2022, OMEGA Esports Won’t Watch RRQ Alberttt!

Entering the beginning of June, of course, Mobile Legends fans will be presented with entertaining matches presented through MSC 2022.

This tournament itself is routinely held every year to fight for the title of the best Mobile Legends team in the Southeast Asia region.

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Representatives from the Philippines and Indonesia are, of course, the two countries that are again seeded to be able to grab the trophy.

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OMEGA captain not wary of Alberttt

Photo via MPL PH

Even though they both have the status of the flagship team at the MSC 2022 event, interestingly, OMEGA Esports is through the captain, Patrick.”E2MAXJames Caidic is blatantly not wary of RRQ Hoshi’s jungler, Alberttt.

The reason is, he himself thinks that META is currently not compatible with the player who is famous for mastering Assassin heroes such as Ling, Lancelot and even Hayabusa.

“The problem is, Assassins are no longer META and have turned into Tanks. So you don’t have to be afraid of Alberttt as the Jungler anymore.” said E2MAX through a media interview attended by SPIN Esports.

This statement is also in line with the statement of the jungler of the Philippine national team, Danerie “Wise” James, who previously said the same thing by assuming that Alberttt would be stronger when using Assassin.

This is certainly not surprising, considering the playing style when using Assassin and Tank when playing as a jungler is certainly very different.

But it is not impossible that the player will evaluate and will make a surprise at MSC 2022.

Therefore, it is certainly interesting to wait for RRQ Alberttt’s actions at the MSC 2022 event which will be held in the near future.

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