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Agate Officially Releases Esports King, the First Esports Management Game in Indonesia!

Esports King has been officially released today by Agate

It was recently reported that the local Agate Games Developer from Bandung has released the Esports King Game with the Simulation management genre. Now the game can be downloaded via the Google Play Store and will soon follow its release for the Apple Store.

Well, in this game you are challenged to build an esports team from scratch to success. For those of you who want to experience how to be an E-Sports Team Manager by building and training an esports team that is prepared to compete with other teams in winning tournaments, it’s a must to try this game. In addition, the Esports King Game can also be played in online multiplayer.

Actually, Agate has been working on Esports King for a long time. Since 2022, the development of the esports simulation management game has begun, but it has only been completed in 2022. It is known that the three years used by Agate Games was to maximize Esports King into a management simulation game that can be played in online multiplayer.

In Esports King, the role of Esports athletes is also adjusted to the real world, where there are roles tankers, specialists and assaulters.

With the presence of Esports King, it means to be the first Game Simulation Managements in Indonesia.