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After Kadita Indonesia, Mobile Legends is now ready to release Badang Hero from Malaysia

Instagram source :@ml_leak

After yesterday’s MLBB Conference, Mobile Legends has planned to release Hero Kadita which is inspired by the mythological character Nyi Roro Kidul. Now there are rumors that say that it is Malaysia’s turn to get its own Hero. Badang is the name of the rumored Malaysian Hero. Moonton seems interested in making this Hero in Mobile Legends. Judging from the Hero’s character, Badang seems to be released with the Fighter role. If this Hero is really going to be released, it means that not only Indonesia and the Philippines have got the Hero, Malaysia will also get it. Such as Hero Gatotkaca and Kadita from Indonesia and Lapu-Lapu from the Philippines.

Although this is not the first time Malaysia has been rumored to be getting an adaptation of its Hero, before that Moonton has planned to release the relevant Hero from Malaysia, namely Hang Tuah. But unfortunately before it was officially released there were several disputes about the Hero. The dispute occurred between Malaysia and Indonesia which stated that Hero Hang Tuah was plagiarism from Indonesia because his weapon resembled a Keris (Traditional Weapon from West Java). Because this conflict made Moonton reluctant to release the Hero for fear of the dispute becoming more chaotic. Even so, it seems that Moonton still wants to release a Hero from Malaysia instead of Hang Tuah, Mobile Legends will release its newest Hero, Badang.