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Aerowolf Wins PMPL ID Season 2, Continue to PMPL Sea Finals!

Here comes the PMPL ID Season 2 Grand Finals Champion

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) 2022 Indonesia Season 2 has finally ended after finishing the last day of the round Grand Finals his.

What a great final day of the 16 teams fighting in just 3 days only for 1 week.

For approx 1 month all teams fight in the round Regular Season to be able to enter the PMPL ID Season 2 Grand Finals.

And now the hard work of the whole team has paid off and Aerowolf Limax thas come out as the champion for PMPL ID Season 2 this time.

Not only get gifts, Top 2 that is Aerowolf Limax and Aura Esports will represent Indonesia to enter PMPL Sea Finals along with Bigetron Red Aliens.

PMPL ID Season 2 Day 3 Grand Finals Match Results!

As in the Regular Season, the 16 teams played 6 rounds with different maps.

PMPL ID Season 2

Here are the results from tonight’s match:

Round 1 -Erangel: Victim Sovers

Round 2 – Sanhok: The Pillars Slayer

Round 3 – Vikendi: Aura Esports

Round 4 – Miramar: Siren Esports

Round 5 – Erangel: Morph Team

Round 6 – Miramar: Bigetron Red Aliens

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Aerowolf Limax Successfully Gets PMPL ID Season 2 Champion Title!

For the first time, Aerowolf managed to get the title of Champion PMPL Indonesia Season 2 with total 184 points.

Only with 1 WWCD just, Aerowolf Limax managed to get the first position to compete with the team Aura and boom which is in the lower position.

PMPL ID Season 2 Champion

How come? This is because the white wolf team’s placement points are very high, they have never been hit by a lot of Too Soon.

Aura Esports managed to get second place with points 164 pointswhich is very slightly different from Boom Esports by only 1 point just.

Aura and boom it really shows a very good game, and competes with each other.

Boom Esports who only got 163 points must fall into PMPL Sea Finals, with a difference of only 1 point.

ION Esports which had been predicted to be able to enter the PMPL Sea Finals, unfortunately, had to lose on Day 3 this time.

There was also a moment where Aura Esports managed to abort ION d=in the last round, requiring ION to be willing to withdraw from the PMPL Sea Finals.

ION who have collected 3 WWCD in this Grand Finals, unfortunately, had to lose because of not enough points.

Geek Fam even though they couldn’t enter the PMPL Sea Finals and didn’t win, they got Top Damage with total 2469 damage.

Look forward to the struggle of the three teams who will represent Indonesia, Aerowolf Limax, Aura Esports, and Bigetron Red Aliens in PMPL Sea Finals later!

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